I Feel Welcome Here

For the longest time, I used DeviantArt as my main outlet for expressing myself. Whether it was through a bit of writing, usually lewd or silly and frivolous, or a journal entry, or the occasional finished and haphazardly scanned and posted drawing, I would give and expect feedback from my watchers. And I had one or two who would occasionally comment. Admittedly, I began at age 13 and was not really very good. I would see my own progression over time and hate what I looked back to see, and the comments left there felt hollow. The people I had known there sort of fell away one by one. I didn’t fit into the community there anymore.

So about a year and a half ago, I found tumblr and leapt into the fray. It felt right. There were so many people. So much art. So much beauty. So many different opinions. So many different demographics.

But there is also a looming blanket of negativity that lies over the good in the community. Too many people on the site pose opinions only to be shot down and told that it’s not okay to think how they think. Or someone would post a piece of art or writing, and receive criticism they didn’t ask for, mostly corrections to tailor it to the critic’s desires. I’ve seen a lot of slander, unnecessary rudeness, and not in a joking manner.

I love the people I follow on tumblr. I still use the site. But I realize I can’t really post any of my writing there and expect anything good to come of it, because someone browsing tags is always gonna be looking for something to criticize.

However here on WordPress, I have browsed blogs and posts and looked into the comments, and seen an overwhelming sense of compassion and genuine interest above any kind of negativity. This site feels like somewhere I can just freely post bits of whatever I feel like writing, and no one will complain that “it doesn’t fit [my] blog” or “[they] don’t want to hear about [my} life.”

In writing this, please don’t misconstrue my meaning to be fishing for comments. I’m simply stating that I really am enjoying the feeling of being a budding member of this community. And I suppose, “thank you” to all the people I don’t personally know who look at my posts and make me feel like I have a voice somewhere.



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